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International transport


In relation to established strategic objective of company Transconsult International s.r.o.- to gain certificate of quality system management we declare quality policy. Quality policy is strategic instrument to keep guarantee of peak service by our company as is founding and another improving of the quality system management according with collection of international norms ČSN EN ISO 9001:2000.

To achieve absolute trust and confidence of our customer, we lay of all our company process. That increases an amount of our customers. Professional approach to our customers, comprehension, quick and effectively solved their claims is the purpose of works all our employees.

Our employees dedicate peremptory attention to pursuitelly branch out their professional skills in such a way that company would have been able to use those skills and gaining in experience to benefits mutual expectations and needs.

Management of our company is still looking for opportunities to another advancement and improving all our operations to try to provide our customer with complex logistic service. We assist on the effective access to keep improving processes of quality system management.

In choosing our suppliers we are alive to the fact that quality of the effecting service is affected by quality of suppliers.

Decisions are made on experience, benefits of the company, results of observing and monitoring for analysis of data's.

Our competitive level and acceptability by customers is given by everlasting falling down the outlays.

We reinforce the partnership principle to our essential customers and suppliers in order to those relations have been founded on mutual confidence and bilateral efficacy.

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